Providing Leadership to Develop a Better Future

Solutions through LeadershipThe EDI Group has extensive expertise with years of experience helping small and large organizations, as well as individual entrepreneurs, around the world. EDI Directors and Associates, our Partners, and The EDI Franchise Group are composed of leaders with know-how in designing and implementing initiatives that provide direction, deliver change and generate improved bottom-line results tailored to you ----- not off-the-shelf solutions.

Our clients range from individual Entrepreneurs and Start-ups, to Fortune 500 Companies and Franchisors, to the U.S. Government and Foreign Ministries, Educational and Development Organizations, and the U.S. Military. Our expertise in Branding and Communications, Franchising and Business Relationships, Leadership and Management, Economic and Institutional Development, and Public-Private Partnerships has consistently delivered results.

The Team

In addition to its worldwide network of business, military, government and non-profit leaders, the EDI Group has an extensive pool of Subject Matter Experts from which
we enlist talent that is tailored to clients' individual needs.

Reid Lohr


Debra Moser

Mr. Lohr is a former Senior Executive with an international Franchisor, a Foreign Affairs and Development Advisor, and Turnaround and Change Management Specialist. He has worked in a global environment with several multinational firms and for the U.S. Government on strategic assignments. He has held Chief Operating Officer, Chief of Party, and senior consulting positions with a variety of high profile initiatives in the U.S., Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East, Central and Southern Asia and the former Soviet Union. Mr. Lohr has an extensive track record of business and organizational leadership in the U.S. and overseas; working with private companies, governments, donor organizations, and the U.S. Military. His extensive experience as a leader, decision-maker, and entrepreneur has given him the ability to identify solutions and provide direction, resulting in high-level performance and sustainability. Mr. Lohr’s areas of experience include: Economic & Business Development, Organizational Leadership & Training, Developing Franchise Systems & Relationships, Capacity Building & Institutional Strengthening, Designing Corporate Social Investment Programs, and Civil-Military & Interagency Transitions.   Ms. Moser is a specialist in working with an array of Non-Profit organizations and Commercial firms on their business strategy, growth and management solutions. She is an accomplished professional in building brands in both traditional and digital media; enhancing business strategy and consumer insights using new technologies; competitive analysis; and tactical hire focusing with skills that are critical to future operational and market needs. She is experienced in project planning, organizational and change management, strategic planning, financial management and new business development for profit, international and non-profit businesses. Her career has included executive level management, supervising diversity initiatives, and as a Marketing Professor at American University. Ms. Moser has recently been engaged in building successful strategic partnerships at the local, county, state and national levels. Her most recent work included the oversight and Capital project delivery for new $13 million art center.

Andrew Mack


Tom Timberman

Mr. Mack is an international consultant acknowledged for his successes in helping companies do more and better business in Emerging Markets. A former World Bank Task Team Leader and finance professional with experience in more than 80 countries, he is internationally-recognized for his work on Public-Private Partnerships, Corporate Social Responsibility, technology policy and economic development issues. Mr. Mack founded AMGlobal in 2005 with the goal of helping bring together leaders – from major companies and governments to donors, foundations and NGOs – to address today's toughest development challenges in a sustainable, creative, business-oriented way. Mr. Mack specializes in helping clients design partnerships and CSR programs, enter new markets and address emerging in technology issues, with clients including Fortune 100 corporations like Chevron, Oracle, and Motorola, donors such as the World Bank, PEPFAR and USAID, NGOs and local firms and early stage companies focusing on emerging and green technologies. A frequent speaker and writer, his work has appeared in a wide variety of publications including PODER Magazine in Peru,, Voice of America and East Africa Business Week among others.   Mr. Timberman is a multi-faceted professional. During the past 30-plus years, he has specialized in civil-military and political issues as a member of the US Foreign Service, international organizations and in the private sector. Mr. Timberman’s career has focused on reconstruction and development work in six conflict areas: Vietnam, Southern Philippines, Bosnia, Kosovo, Croatia, Iraq and now Afghanistan. The result: he has built very strong skills in strategic and operational planning, needs assessments, collaborative problem-solving, civil development project design, organization, implementation, team-building and USG/international (U.S. and NATO) interagency policy coordination. He has served at senior policy levels in the State and Defense Departments. Mr. Timberman is an attorney, an adjunct professor at George Washington University (national security policy) and an author. He also serves as a senior trainer for U.S. Military and advisor to the U.S. Government.

Alan James


Robert Stapp

Mr. James is a recognized expert in Development Economics, Business, and Communications. He specializes in corporate communications and Brand Management. He comes to the development field with more than 20 years of marketing experience, and is skilled in a broad range of communications and marketing skills including strategic brand management, packaging design, logo design, preparing and managing marketing communications plans, public relations and media management, social marketing and awareness campaigns, event management, internet marketing, copywriting, presentations, and training. His work in magazine publishing spans a range of skills including advertising, corporate marketing, reporting and editing and his practical experience is blended with a creative vision and strategic focus. Mr. James’ initiatives with National Branding Strategies have extended from Eastern Europe to the Middle East to South Asia. It has included Stone & Marble, Furniture & Wood Industries, Information and Communications Technology, Construction, Tourism, and Pharmaceuticals. His work has successfully engaged industry sector associations, the private sector and governments in public-private partnerships.   Mr. Stapp is a capacity building, institutional strengthening, organization development and large system change management expert who works with the senior leadership of governmental, private sector and civil society organizations to help them enhance their ability to develop and execute high-impact strategies. His work is focused on aligning an organization with its purpose, mission and vision and the needs and interests of its principal stakeholders. Mr. Stapp specializes in highly fluid, challenging environments, post-conflict regions and emerging economies. Recent activity has included working with Senior Ministry leadership in Afghanistan to implement long-term Change Management and Organizational Development for over 20,000 employees in Afghanistan. His work Afghanistan, the Balkans and in Africa has focused on building a strategically-focused, performance-based leadership structure, and the effective management of ministry goals and objectives.

Julian Simidjiyski


Mark Taylor

Mr. Simidjiyski is a recognized expert in Supply Chain Management. He has over seventeen years of international experience specializing in economic, societal, and government transition, as well as technical and project management and private sector development. His work has ranged from labor market reform to supply and value chains to health care management. Mr. Simidjiyski has piloted cutting edge initiatives in Southeastern Europe, the Caucuses and Asia – working and traveling in over 50 countries. He works with clients to create, extend, and transform opportunities for institutions, organizations, and communities in developing countries. He is trained in law, business administration, and supply chain management, and has received multiple recognitions from clients for his work. He continues to author relevant articles and publications.   As a leader in organizational transformation, Mark Taylor is not content with quick fixes that merely stop the bleeding, but rather looks at the root cause of the situation. Mark has more than 25 years of experience in Sales and Operations, including P&L Management, Vendor Management, Business Solutions and BPO Management. He improves organizations by concentrating on the health of the corporate culture and workplace environment, because transformation is everyone’s job. As the SVP-Operations at Option One Mortgage, Mark transformed US operations to a US/India model with a variable component to reduce overall costs while maintaining world class customer and employee ratings. As the Managing Director of Seneca One he turned around an under-performing division to its highest profitability by concentrating on the hiring process, on-boarding, training, mentor programs and enhancing the customer experience. With many years’ experience managing multiple location organizations, Mark has a deep understanding of how Human Capital can be the biggest asset, but without the proper attention can be the biggest risk.