Post-Conflict Programs and Rebuilding Economies

The key to securing the transition from conflict to peace is employment…

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Rebuilding an infrastructure after a conflict

The EDI Group recognizes the crucial importance of rebuilding the private sector in nations emerging from conflict. EDI works with governments, businesses and non-profits, developing skills and attracting the investment necessary for nations that are emerging from war.

Rapid Assessment of Private Sector Conditions

EDI has on-the-ground experience working in and analyzing countries and institutions affected by conflict. EDI can help firms evaluate the prospects for re-opening businesses affected by war or the prospects for new work in a country emerging from conflict.

Establishment of Government/Private Sector/
Community Forums

From El Salvador to Rwanda to Indonesia, the establishment of local forums has been recognized as an essential element in building trust and creating favorable conditions. EDI possesses the expertise to bring diverse groups together to promote sustainable long-term growth.

Program Management and Policy Support
for Business Environment Issues

Conflict in many nations is caused by an “unequal playing field” in business and societal opportunities, leading to limited hope for many. EDI’s experience provides a unique understanding of the challenges and requirements in restarting business and communities.

Productive Collaboration:
Client Interest vs. Special Interest

Disagreements and perspectives on best-interest of a country's or organization's development often do not sync. EDI has special teams accustomed to enabling productive collaboration between competing interests of different business, political and ethnic/regional cultures.