Organizational Design and Restructuring

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A photo of an Organization Restructuring Strategy meeting

The EDI Group combines innovation, expertise, and an inclusive approach in reforming and restructuring programs around the world.  EDI Group solutions maximize efficiency, bringing real bottom-line results, while remaining sensitive to the realities of political complexities.

Early-Stage Diagnostics

The EDI Group analyzes existing operations, management, and staffing; identifying opportunities for increased efficiency and quality control, and realistically determining future potential.

Turnaround/Restructuring Planning

The EDI Group’s Directors have extensive experience designing programs for turnarounds, competitiveness, and reorganization plans for mid-large companies, franchises, government ministries and non-profit organizations.

Interim/Transitional Management

The EDI Group can provide support up to and including on-site interim management, using a results-oriented, inclusive approach honed from work with a variety of businesses, economic sectors, and government institutions.

Press and Communication Strategy

Change is a difficult process and is often hard for both employees and the affected communities.  EDI can help design a communications strategy that promotes understanding and buy-in on the part of workers and the general public.

Capacity Building and Culture Change

Part of any successful turnaround lies in the power to build capacity and promote positive culture change within an organization.  EDI Directors have extensive international experience in training, facilitation, and team building.

Non-Traditional Solution Building

The EDI Group excels in work with non-traditional solutions like employee ownership and other ‘value-added’ programs.  EDI’s development expertise helps mobilize new resources and enhance sustainability for any organization.