Leadership and Decision-Making
in Complex Environments

In a world of free-flowing information, any decision has global implications...

An International Strategy meeting with a world map in backgroundThe impact of rapid globalization, technological development, and political demands on the decision-making and strategic planning process has accelerated to the point where second and third order consequences are often not understood. The EDI Group assembles teams of professionals with the knowledge, experience and connections to guide their clients in making decisions and developing strategies that bring results and establish a concrete plan for the future.

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"The EDI Group works directly through an organization’s leadership team with a shared sense of purpose and responsibility – one that empowers the entire organization to realize accomplishments previously unattainable."

Strategic and Tactical Planning

The EDI Group assembles teams of experts and influential professionals with the unique knowledge, skills and 'ground-level' experience that it takes to competently address opaque foreign and domestic dilemmas and support sound decision-making.

Networking and Resourcing

The EDI Group’s Directors form teams of Subject Matter Experts who specialize in identifying, obtaining, coordinating and leveraging global resources which tap into previously unrealized human networks.

Curricula Design

The EDI Group recognizes each client's specific and unique needs, identifies multi-level and differentiated audiences and builds strategic programs that deliver repeatable and sustainable results.

Inter- and Intra-Agency Planning

Responsibilities and accountability are often blurred between government agencies and key partnerships/coalitions. The EDI Group appreciates the delicate nature of these relationships. We understand the issues and take down the fences that get in the way of inter-, intra- and trans-agency cooperation and progress.

Turning Strategy into Reality

Even the best strategy is worthless if it is never implemented. EDI Directors have the knowledge, experience and expertise to present and explain concepts, strategies and tactics in the most complex operating environments. We lead our clients through the bureaucracy and red tape that threaten success, while helping them execute for results.