Corporate Responsibility and Community Partnerships

Working together is frequently the key to achieving our goals…

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School children in third world classroomThe EDI Group assists clients around the world in their efforts in building and promoting value-added partnerships, and designs programs that enhance crucial relationships between business, community and government actors. EDI’s talent and experience creates ‘win-win’ relationships between multi-national companies, investors, local business and communities.

Facilitating Business/Government/Community Dialogue

EDI has the tools and expertise to help build bridges. EDI Group Directors' extensive experience in facilitating meaningful public-private dialogue around issues of business expansion or contraction, privatization and corporate mergers makes joint projects seamless, efficient and effective.

Policy and Project Design for Firms and Government

EDI Directors have piloted innovative public-private partnerships around the world, assisting multi-nationals and local firms in designing programs that give back to their communities. EDI works with both Government and business to help develop and promote a responsible and productive work environment.

Project Management and Monitoring

Not all firms are properly positioned to manage community social projects, but EDI can help, providing management and/or evaluation capabilities that help make good programs effective and measurable.

Public Relations and Communications

EDI’s public relations and communications expertise, along with the skills of its multi-lingual staff helps organizations around the world design and convey complex messages of partnership and corporate responsibility.