"Today’s political and economic realities have connectivity on a global scale never before imagined. In today’s world the 'Black Swan' is more
of a norm than an isolated occurrence."


The rapid flow of information and technology developments, as well as unplanned external events on decision making and strategic planning by leaders continues to increase. Leadership decision making, strategic planning and execution have become increasingly more difficult because of this situation. Senior Political, Military, Business and Institutional leaders have gone on the record stating there are now higher risks associated with decision making and strategic planning than ever before. They lament that interpreting the political, economic and social inflections and disruptions from their forecasting and planning tools has become very difficult.

How can this challenge be addressed? Is there a new way of thinking about forecasting and strategy needed? What can be done to better interpret the information that is available?

Through its worldwide network, The EDI Group drives results, tailoring strategies to the diverse, yet interconnected needs of Governments, Military, Institutions, International NGOs, and Business.

The EDI Group and its alliance of specialist consulting firms work as single entities or as a unified team, bringing together recognized senior practitioners, leadership, and know-how with wide global experience and reputations that deliver creative, cutting edge solutions.


The Metisien Group (TMG) was created to support military, business, institutional, and government leaders in their decision-making today. TMG commits itself to helping leaders address the ever-changing complex demands of an evolving, even frenzied world. We use embedded teams to help bridge cultural, social, economic, and political misunderstandings that prevent good decisions, and we achieve long-term solutions.


In more than 25 years working around the world with a special focus on Africa and Latin America, AMGlobal Consulting has a built a reputation for providing exceptional results working with Fortune 10 companies like Chevron and Oracle, small technology firms, donor agencies and NGOs. AMG is a market leader helping companies create innovative CSR and social outreach programs that mitigate risk and build opportunity. Our experience working with new technology and Internet policy for Emerging Markets provides a unique perspective on the #1 area for growth in today’s global economy.


e3CLO is a global firm specializing in integrated development solutions that bring together public, private, and civil sectors. We work directly with communities, leaders and organizations around the world to create and sustain socio-economic environments that fully support their unique potential. More importantly, we leave behind the skills, capabilities and can-do attitudes that empower the key stakeholders to take charge of and renew their own futures.


Halcyon Group International operates in conflict and transition environments providing expert Counterinsurgency, Stability, and Influence Operations capabilities to the United States Government and partner nations to achieve strategic, operational, and tactical level objectives.


Our core business focuses on the franchise industry. We counsel franchisors, master franchisees and area developers in meeting strategic objectives to enhance market penetration and/or identify successful approaches for new or expanded growth opportunities. Providing SMEs with individualized solutions to specific business development issues.


Red Hawk Solutions is a group of like-minded people dedicated to helping others achieve their Dream. As drivers of the U.S. economy, small businesses give opportunities to hard-working, entrepreneurial spirited people. Red Hawk works with you to help strength local economies and communities, while growing your business.


If you are considering starting a business or growing your existing business, we can assist you in all phases.   Our Franchise Consulting Services help guide you through the process of locating the right business for you or franchising your current business concept.  We provide professional business experience and franchising expertise, including access to financing resources and personal consulting.